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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sophisti-opoly !!!

We're bringing back game night and you're invited! No need to start the mad dash for the dog or the car. You won't even need the dice. Give you one guess who's the banker. ;)

That's right, Sophisti-opoly has come to Sophisti-Scraps! And we're doing it scrap style. All you have to do to go around the board is shop. Every product you buy will get you a property card. Or an instant winner Chance/Community Chest card!

Collect a Sophisti-opoly and win a prize. Collect more Sophisti-opolies and win more prizes! Go around the entire board and Aunt Pennybags will give you another $25 grand prize to spend at our store!

Check out our Sophisti-opoly page for all the details.

The fun starts October 1st. See you there! :)


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