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Monday, March 22, 2010

Medicare rant !!

As most of you know my mom is sick with Cancer and she is on medicare with no supplement due to finances.
Today we went to get her 1st prescription of Tarceva for her chemo home therapy, her medicare only paid 2002.00 Mom's copay was 2324.69 she had to pay MORE then medicare paid. I don't know WHAT the government thinks but someone who receives less then 600 a month cannot afford such medicines. We cleaned out everything. So now we have to figure out where next months medicine money will come from. But its a damn shame you work all your life, pay medicare taxes and think medicare will provide for you in sickness when it DOESN'T at all. We had to even wait 11 days to see if they would pay on this medicine at all.
SO I know know to start putting back for old age because by the time I'm old enough to draw it there probably wont even be a medicare for the retired people.


suruha said...

Hi, there,

It is such a shame that you and your mom are having to go through this. Medicare is supposed to be for your retirement health. Ha! In each hospital, they should have case workers or social workers. If there is a program available to help with the prescription, they should be able to find it. Check with the different pharmacies, as well. Some offer substantial savings over others.

Good luck and best wishes. I'm sending healing thoughts and energy, for you and your mother.



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